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Aromatherapy diffuser

10 Simple Aromatherapy Diffuser Methods

April 28, 2016

Diffusion and diffusers: 10 quick and easy ways to use aromatherapy via diffusion and a guide to choosing the ideal aromatherapy diffuser for your home

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Essential Oil Benefits

Essential Oil Benefits – Top 5 Essential Oils for the home

November 22, 2015

Do you love Essential Oils and want to learn more about them? Here’s my list of the top 5 essential oils I would have in my home, essential oil benefits and how to use them.

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Essential Oils

How Essential Oils Changed My Life

November 20, 2015

Essential Oils for a good night’s sleep? Arm your kids, each with a bottle of Monster Spray filled with 2 drops of the essential oil of their preference (Peace&Calming recommended). Did it work? Read more to find out

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