How Essential Oils Changed My Life

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2017)

Essential Oil monster sprayLast night was the first time my two cherubs didn’t create a fuss about sleeping in their own room AND stayed there for the entire night. I’d armed them with a Monster Spray bottle each, filled with 2 drops of the essential oil of their choice and tucked them into bed. They had both been trained to sleep in their own rooms from birth and had been doing well until they mastered the ability to walk independently and open doors. It would then be pitter-patter of little feet in the middle of the night (commonly about 3am) to our room – for a cuddle, reassurance, or the need to go for a ‘wee’. This morning, I woke up feeling extremely refreshed before rushing to their rooms to make sure they were okay!


Essential Oils children

Peppermint essential oil benefitsMy first experience
with essential oils

started in my first year of work in New Zealand, 16 years ago. I would regularly suffer from headaches in the weekend (possibly due to caffeine withdrawal), making my weekends not so enjoyable. A close friend of mine, who was an oncology nurse at the time bought me a bottle of pure Peppermint essential oil. They had started using essential oils on the Oncology ward and he had been told that Peppermint essential oil helped to relieve headaches/migraines. So almost every weekend, I would apply the Peppermint essential oil on my temples and the back of my neck for relief. I wouldn’t claim that it got rid of my headaches completely (especially if ended up becoming a full blown migraine) but it certainly helped me enjoy my weekends more.

I left New Zealand to travel for about 6 months, ending up in England for more work and travel. My trusty bottle of Peppermint essential oil followed me. At what point did I stop suffering from regular headaches I cannot remember, but the Peppermint essential oil remained in my first aid kit only to be put back to good use 10 years afterwards, which I will tell you about later 😀
Essential Oil scentGeranium Essential OilMy only brief encounter with essential oils again after that was a farewell gift from one of my colleagues. A gorgeous little bear with dropped with Geranium essential oil on it. I loved the smell and kept it in my linen cupboard not knowing then that the influence of Geranium essential oil is said to release negative memories, ease nervous tension, and balance emotions to lift the spirit, foster peace, well-being and hope.



Essential Oil burner6 years ago
, I started using essential oils again.

My son, QR developed his first cold at about 8 months, after I stopped breastfeeding and he was sent to day care. I was aware that apart from antibiotics which the doctors would prescribe, symptomatic relief was what was more important for my little boy. If I could get him to sleep well at night despite his blocked nose, his immune system would eventually be able to overcome the cold. I remembered my bottle of Peppermint essential oil (pure essential oils theoretically do not expire) and pulled out my little oil burner (seeing as I knew nothing about diffusing at the time) to evaporate a few drops of it in his room every night until he recovered. This I felt, helped to ease his breathing hence a better night’s sleep (and mum and dad had a better night too).

However, a word to enthusiastic parents: a couple of months ago, I read somewhere that we had to be careful about the use of Peppermint or Eucalyptus essential oils with kids.  Thankfully, QR suffered no ill effects from the use of it each time he had a cough or cold and will now request for it to be diffused each time he has a cold.

When my daughter XR was born 2 years later, I was given a bottle of Lavender massage oil by a colleague. So instead of the normal baby oil which I had used on QR, I would apply or occasionally massage the Lavender oil on her body before she went to sleep at night. I am still unsure if it was the calming influence of the oil, or if she was just that she was a much easier baby (with more experienced parents by then ;-D), but XR was the easiest little baby. She would sleep through the night and only wake me once after 10 pm for a feed at 2 months! An absolute blessing as I had returned to full time work by then. My husband still often comments that he’s glad he experienced QR first before XR as she was such an easy baby. Had it been the other way round he says, he might have struggled with number two.

Essential Oils children

In May this year,

I caught up with my best friend from childhood. She was expecting a baby in 2 months and had stopped work. She had been using essential oils for her family to provide more natural cleaning products, pest control as well as to help common ailments. Her favorite being Thieves, a special blend of essential oils which she found helped her son when he had a congestive cough. Diffusing another oil at night she felt, helped control her blood pressure and Lemongrass essential oil got rid of the dreaded mosquitoes.
Being a scientific person by nature, this spurred my interest to understand and discover the amazing benefits of essential oils. So I purchased my first box of Everyday Oils from Young Living and have been discovering and experimenting ever since.

If you have enjoyed what you have read and would like to discover the benefits of these pure essential oils with me, send me an email and follow us on our Facebook page. Once you start enjoying and believing in these essential oils, we can continue to learn and share together.


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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I am on a journey to discovering the benefits of Essential Oils and sharing it along the way. I have a background in health hence, exploring alternatives towards a more natural lifestyle for myself and my family. Come join me on my journey and send me a personal message to say hi. We can explore together!

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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I am on a journey to discovering the benefits of Essential Oils and sharing it along the way. I have a background in health hence, exploring alternatives towards a more natural lifestyle for myself and my family. Come join me on my journey and send me a personal message to say hi. We can explore together!

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