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There’s always something exciting and new to learn about Essential Oils and it’s even more fun when you can do this with like-minded friends! 

We at Essential Oils Kuching would be honored to welcome you to the Young Living Essential Oils community.  Follow these simple instructions to Purchase a Young Living Starter Kit. You will be added to the community of Young Living users on Facebook, get a FREE Basic Introduction to Essential Oils (one-month) and be provided with ongoing essential oils support from friends all over the world!

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How to be a Young Living member


Membership is FREE as long as you purchase a Starter Kit

  • Select Member option to enjoy a lifetime of 24% off retail prices
  • Select Country and Preferred Language
  • Enter Enroller*  and Sponsor details. 

*Enroller & Sponsor:  This would be the person/persons who will continue to support you with the knowledge and use of Essential Oils. Your Enroller would be your primary person, your Sponsor secondary.  It can be the person who first introduced you to these oils, or any one of us at Essential Oils Kuching. Learn more about each of us on our About Page

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*Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop Diffuser (includes Basic Starter Kit, Dewdrop Diffuser and 10-Oils Collection) 
Item Code: 5463515 | Wholesale Price: RM756.00 | 100 PV

Basic Plus Starter Kit with Dewdrop Diffuser (includes Basic Starter Kit and Dewdrop Diffuser)
Item Code: 5480515 | Wholesale Price: RM379.00 | 0 PV

Basic Starter Kit 
Item Code: 5460515 | Wholesale Price: RM212.00 | 0 PV

*Recommended. Best value for money. Gives you a selection of 10 premium essential oils to get you started valued at RM644, a diffuser RM301 plus extra goodies that come with your Basic Starter Kit

Essential Rewards (ER) is an optional program.

This program allows you to:

  • collect redemption points (in exchange for more oils!!!)
  • earn FREE products (with the monthly promos)
  • qualify for discounted delivery
  • qualify for discounted product kits

In my humble opinion, signing up for ER would be advantageous to those who expect to buy oils, personal care and/or supplements every month. To join the ER program, you would need to include either an Essential Rewards kit or customise an ER order (of minimum 100 PV)
ie. Add more products to your shopping cart to a value of 100PV (Points Value)

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If a new member decides to enroll for Essential Rewards later, you may skip this step and proceed to "Step 3" to continue enrollment.

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